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Europe de l’Enfance

19.03.2012  -  20.03.2012

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Thema der Konferenz ist Kinderarmut und wie sich die Möglichkeiten von Kindern und Jugendlichen, ihr Leben zu gleichen Bedingungen wie andere zu leben, durch gezielte Familienförderung, Gewichtung der Rechte der Kinder und ihrer Möglichkeiten, Nutzen daraus zu ziehen, sowie durch hohe Qualität der Kinder betreffenden Leistungen beeinflussen lassen.

19th of March 2012: Copenhagen Conference on children’s rights and the prevention of child poverty

At the conference “Children’s rights and the prevention of child poverty” it was discussed, how we can ensure a safe and stable childhood for children growing up in European countries.

As part of the Danish Presidency of the European Council 2012, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Integration in collaboration with the European Commission and the Intergovernmental Group L’Europe de L' Enfance has held a conference on children’s rights and child poverty.


The sad facts show that many children across Europe live in poverty and are at risk of being socially marginalized. Unfortunately, child poverty is often passed down from one generation to the next, with serious implications for the individual and for society due to lost social and human capital.

We all have an obligation to ensure a safe and stable childhood for the children growing up in our countries. At the conference child poverty, children's social rights and child participation were discussed with great engagement.

The conference gave special attention to the following aspects of social protection in order to prevent social exclusion:

  • Child poverty in EU Member States
  • Mainstreaming the child's rights approach in key policies
  • Access to family support measures, early childhood education and care(ECEC) and child participation

Experts, NGOs and other stakeholders participated in the conference.


Deputy Permanent Secretary for Social Affairs and Integration, Mr. Jesper Brask Fischer, draw following conclusions from the conference:

  • We must reinforce the effort towards fighting child poverty.
  • We must mainstream a child’s rights approach across all EU key policies
  • We must ensure proper social protection through well described and well evaluated programmes in order to ensure that vulnerable children and families profit from the help and support, they are given.
  • Early identification of families and children at risk must be a priority.
  • Professional frontline staff in schools and early childcare must play an important role in early intervention and prevention programmes.
  • We must recognise the role of the family and the need of family and network support in matters of social protection of vulnerable children.
  • We must ensure that child participation also includes the most vulnerable children.
  • We must provide adequate and well designed family-benefits with access to social services and empowerment and participation of children and families.


Anne-Mette Kjær Hesselager, Ministerium für Soziales und Integration
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