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New framework for EU financial aid for infrastructure to strengthen mobility in Europe

06-06-2012 09:41:00

Danish Minister for Transport Henrik Dam Kristensen will chair the council meeting in Brussels

Photo: Council of the European Union

On Thursday 7 June 2012, the EU Ministers for Transport will meet in Luxembourg to discuss the framework for granting of EU-funds to European infrastructure, noise in airports, and the EU satellite navigation system Galileo.

At the Council meeting on 7 June, Minister for Transport, Mr Henrik Dam Kristensen, will be in the presidency chair for the second time during the Danish EU Presidency. At the meeting the ministers will discuss e.g. the European Commission’s proposal for the Connecting Europe Facility. 

The Connecting Europe Facility proposal defines the framework for which types of transport, telecommunications, and energy infrastructure projects will be eligible to receive financial aid via EU funds in the years 2014 to 2020. The proposal also defines the general rules for the application procedures, and the co-funding rates for the different types of projects. 

The proposal is closely tied to the new guidelines for the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) adopted by the Council at the Council meeting on 22 March 2012.

In addition to the Connecting Europe Facility, the ministers will discuss a proposal on revised rules on noise in airports. The aim of the proposal is to reduce the number of EU citizens exposed to high noise levels, for example via a uniform application of the noise regulations in all the EU countries.

The ministers will also discuss a proposal on a new organisational framework for the EU satellite navigation system Galileo. 

In this context, Minister for Transport, Mr Henrik Dam Kristensen, says:
"I look forward to some important discussions on which kinds of infrastructure projects should be eligible for support from the EU budget. This is significant not least in terms of realising important cross border projects, which would otherwise not have been viable. Subsequently, we have the opportunity to adopt a proposal that can create genuine added value for Europe through the use of EU funds."

"New and improved rules on noise in airports will make sure that fewer EU citizens are exposed to noise from airports in the future. At the same time, the rules will take into account the importance that the European aviation sector remains competitive."

"The EU satellite navigation system Galileo is an interesting project with great potential for both citizens and businesses in Europe. It is important that we have the right framework to complete the programme. With the new framework, which we will discuss at the Council meeting, we will help ensure that the Galileo project is completed and managed in an efficient manner, so that we all can reap the benefits of better satellite navigation."


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