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Towards a greener Europe

14-06-2012 10:04:00

Martin Lidegaard chairs his last council meeting when the EU's energy ministers meet on Friday.

Photo: Bjarke Ørsted
Martin Lidegaard

EU energy ministers meet on Friday 15 June in Luxembourg for the last time under the Danish Presidency. Energy efficiency, long term energy policy and renewable energy will be the main themes of a long agenda that reflects substantive Danish efforts for European energy policy and a green Europe.

The Presidency strongly hopes that the Council and the European Parliament will be able to deliver on the repeated request from the Heads of State and Government to reach an agreement on the Energy Efficiency Directive by the end of June. Long and tough negotiations between the Council and the European Parliament last night led to a possible deal that now needs to be scrutinized by Member States for their agreement.

"During the last couple of weeks we have managed to get support from Member States for a more ambitious directive than anyone would have dreamt of only a couple of months ago. On the Energy Council meeting on Friday 15 June I will seek final support from my colleagues", Martin Lidegaard says.

The ministers will also discuss next steps in the EU's long term energy policy on the basis of the Commissions "Energy Roadmap 2050". The crucial question will be whether the Council will invite the Commission to present a new energy policy framework for 2030. Such a framework should be in line with the long term decarbonisation objective, and based on increased energy efficiency, increased renewable energy, and new smart energy infrastructure. This would help provide investors with the necessary security for their long-term investments.
"It would be a key step to agree on inviting the Commission to put forward a 2030 policy framework that among others includes signals to promote energy efficiency, renewables and infrastructure after 2020. An agreement on a high level of ambition for sustainable energy in 2030 will be an important signal to a market with long investment horizons and give a big push for green energy investments", Martin Lidegaard says.

Finally, the Danish Presidency has chosen to put renewed focus on renewable energy. Firstly, with a presentation of the Commission's new communication on Renewable Energy and secondly by arranging a lunch discussion on renewable energy in the transport sector. Martin Lidegaard wants a debate on the important question of whether the existing regulatory framework sufficiently promotes second generation biofuels and electric vehicles.


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