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Ministers to prepare strengthened efforts for growth in Europe

25-06-2012 09:47:00

Minister for European Affairs chairs the General Affairs Council for the last time during the Danish Presidency.

Photo: Council of the European Union
From left to right: Mr Bernard CAZENEUVE, French Minister for European Affairs; Mr Nicolai WAMMEN, Danish Minister for European Affairs.

Ministers for European Affairs will meet in the General Affairs Council (GAC) for the last time during the Danish Presidency on 26 June. Danish Minister for European Affairs, Nicolai Wammen, will chair the meeting that will address the EU's multiannual financial framework, preparation of the European Council and the enlargement negotiations with Montenegro.

The preparation of the European Council on 28-29 June will be central in the discussions when the General Affairs Council will meet tomorrow for the last time during the Danish Presidency. The Council will discuss the Presidency´s draft of the full Negotiation Box on the multiannual financial framework (MFF) that constitutes the framework for the EU budget in the period 2014-2020. The Ministers will also prepare the agenda for the European Council where, among other things, Heads of State and Government are expected to reach a consensus on a number of initiatives that can promote growth and employment in Europe.

Minister for European Affairs Nicolai Wammen says:

"The Presidency has put a lot of efforts into the negotiations on the EU´s long term budget. It has been important to us, that we use our common European budget better and focus more clearly on areas that can support growth in Europe in the long term.

At the same time, we will now have the last discussion on the possible elements in a European growth package. Afterwards the Heads of State and Government will take over. We expect that the European Council will reach an agreement on a growth package. We will work to ensure that the Presidency’s priorities become a part of the package. This includes, for example, the common European Patent System. Now, after 30 years of negotiations, we will hopefully be able to resolve this issue that will make a big difference for our businesses."

The Council is also to evaluate whether the EU is ready to open accession negotiations with Montenegro. The basis for the discussion is the progress report as of 22 May from the Commission and a draft roadmap for the accession negotiations.

"Montenegro received EU candidate status in 2010 and has since then shown solid progress on their way towards the EU. This shows how the enlargement process remains a key tool in promoting the values of the EU. To the benefit for peace and prosperity throughout Europe. On the basis of the latest progress report and a roadmap for the negotiations, the Council is now to consider whether there are sufficient grounds for us to open the accession negotiations," says Nicolai Wammen.


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