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New Opportunities for Education in Europe - Erasmus for All

11-05-2012 13:37:00

Minister for Children and Education Christine Antorini at today's meeting in the Council.

Photo: Council of the European Union

The European Ministers for Education, led by the Danish EU Presidency, arrived on Friday 11 May 2012 at their first agreement on the contents of EU’s new education and youth programme, established to improve the educational opportunities in Europe.

Citizens and institutions can look forward to even better opportunities for taking part in an education programme, a teacher’s exchange or an internship abroad. This is the objective of EU’s new education and youth programme, Erasmus for All.  On Friday 11 May 2012, the Danish EU Presidency led by Minister for Children and Education, Christine Antorini, managed to reach a first agreement on the programme among EU’s Ministers for Education.
Erasmus for All was at the top of the agenda at today’s Council Meeting on Education and Youth. The ministers supported the Danish Presidency’s proposed compromise on the programme, which is meant to strengthen mobility, cooperation and policy development between institutions and organisations within the field of education and youth – in and outside Europe.

Minister for Children and Education, Christine Antorini, is very pleased with the result of the meeting:

”It is a great advantage to all EU citizens that we – during the Danish EU Presidency - have reached an agreement among the Member States on the contents of Erasmus for All. We have now formed the basis for giving many more citizens – from primary school to adult education – the opportunity to participate in education and exchange programmes and internships abroad. – And, we have gone one step further by simplifying the programme in order to ease the administration. At the same time, we have brought the youth field into focus”.

Erasmus for All covers, among other programmes, the Lifelong Learning and Youth in Action programmes. It will also cover new activities within the field of sport. The new programme focuses on strengthening internationalisation and European cooperation within institutions and organisations.
A decision on the budget will be taken later, as the programme is part of EU’s multiannual financial framework. The final version is to be negotiated with the European Parliament. The new programme is scheduled to come into force in 2014.  

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