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Better interplay between the European railways

13-04-2012 13:14:00

On 16-17 April the Danish Presidency and the Commission host a conference on the common European signalling system for railways.

On 16-17 April 2012, the Danish EU Presidency and the European Commission will open the doors for a conference on the common European signaling system for railways, ERTMS, in Copenhagen.

The conference will provide the framework for discussions and exchange of experiences between professionals from the member states, representatives from the European railway industry as well as the political decision makers.

Minister for Transport Mr Henrik Dam Kristensen and Transport Commissioner Mr Siim Kallas will open the conference on 16 April, followed by discussions on political perspectives of ERTMS between participants from the EU member states, the European Parliament and the European Commission. On 17 April, professionals and experts alike from across Europe will exchange experiences and views on a number of technical solutions in the field.

Denmark will host the conference as part of the Danish EU presidency, but also in the context that Denmark is the first country in Europe, which has decided to implement the new, highly modern signaling system on the entire national railway network.

In this context Minister for Transport Mr Henrik Dam Kristensen says:

"I am happy that the Danish EU Presidency in cooperation with the European Commission has put the European railway sector high on the agenda with this conference on ERTMS.

The common European signaling system for the railway, ERTMS, creates the technological framework necessary for the railways in the EU to speak the same language across borders. For example, ERTMS will create a situation where it – as is often the case today – will not be necessary to change locomotives, when a train travels between countries. Accordingly, ERTMS has the potential to increase the efficacy of the European railways and hereby increase the competitiveness of the railway sector.

As the first country in Europe, we in Denmark have decided to implement ERTMS on the entire railway network. Subsequently, I think that we rightfully can say that we are on the forefront in terms of promoting a modern and efficient railway.

I appreciate the interest representatives from abroad have expressed in the Danish experiences. I look forward to a good conference, where we can exchange knowledge to the benefit of the railways across Europe."

More information on the conference

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